Wicked solo set of Janice. She is horny as fuck but there is no boys around and not a dildo in sight. She is down in the kitchen so she has to be creative, just masturbating is boring.


She found a rolling pin and it was instant love, she ripped a huge hole in her pantyhose so she could fuck this object. She was of course wearing no underwear so it was an easy entrance! :)






















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Janice had spent the day on the beach and jumped right into the shower when she returned home to rinse off all the salt water. Her boyfriend kept the camera rolling and that was a good call cause this turned out to be more than just a regular shower!


She looked pretty good in that bikini but I was glad she stripped it off quick cause her body is so fucking tight and sexy. She sat down on the bath tub and rubbed her pussy for her BF. That was just a warm-up though cause suddenly she grabbed the shower head and stuffed her pussy with it! Be sure to see the full scene here..!

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Categories: Pictures

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